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Welcome to Three Rivers Homeschool Cooperative! We are a secular homeschool group based in Southern Maryland. By definition a cooperative is a collective group of homeschoolers working together for a common purpose. Our purpose is to provide our children with the opportunity to learn together through shared lessons and paid tutoring, to be able to socialize together, and to go on field trips and to participate in other community events together. Parents act as a support network for one another and share information in regard to homeschooling and parenting. We welcome families from diverse backgrounds.

We welcome…

  • children ages 8 through 18
  • families who wish to create a peaceful and supportive group for their children
  • parents who are positive, caring, and patient
  • children who are happy to be involved and have healthy social skills.

Why no children under the age of 8? It is difficult to create a space that is both fun and safe for a wide age range within the confines of my home, so I am unable to accept children (even siblings) under the age of 8. If I find a larger space outside of my home in the future, I will re-evaluate our goals and how I can accommodate younger children as many homeschooling families have children spanning a range of ages.

Group Name: Three Rivers refers to the three rivers that surround us regionally, the St. Mary’s River, the Patuxent River, and the Potomac River.

Families: Our group embraces equality and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or other aspects of what we look like or where we come from. All members should be treated with respect and dignity. All parents in the group are expected to celebrate and accept each child for who they are, and feel that they each have the potential to achieve great things regardless of age, gender, or ability. We encourage creative thinking and problem resolution, and joyful learning.

Secular: As a secular group, we welcome families from a variety of backgrounds. We embrace and encourage diversity especially in respect to philosophical differences. Our group is happy to accept families who are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Atheist, Agnostic, or any other faith or lack thereof as it has no place within the group itself. We embrace science and technology, as well as environmental and social awareness.

Membership: If you would like to participate in Three Rivers Homeschool Cooperative, please contact the group lead, Erica Daley, for a guest visit (see link on ‘contact me’ page – above). We are currently limited to space and are selective about the families we accept into the group in order to maintain a cohesive and positive group of families.

State Requirements: Please see all links on the ‘Resources’ page above for detailed information on Maryland homeschool requirements. Families must homeschool their own children, but you are allowed to pay for tutoring and share homeschooling with other families. You must also meet with the county two times a year for a review of what your children are doing and if you are meeting the state requirements. Our cooperative offers tutoring and shared learning opportunities, and helps parents understand how to work with the county and state to meet all requirements. Three Rivers will create and maintain a record of what your child(ren) are doing and studying with our cooperative, which you can use at your review. The group lead is happy to attend your first review with you, if you desire, as long as you review at the St. Mary’s County library, Lexington Park location, and agree upon a good date/time in advance.

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