Three Rivers is a homeschool cooperative where parent participation is required. We are not a school or childcare facility, and we are not licensed as such. You may leave your child(ren) for tutoring sessions, but each family is required to volunteer time towards; teaching, teaching assistance, child supervision, and/or administrative tasks. The time requirement is two hours per week. Please feel free to offer ideas for how you can contribute to Three Rivers.

There are no fees for the Tuesday afternoon group.

All fees are membership fees due on a weekly basis. The fees cover the cost of tutoring and are NOT for childcare.


  •  $150.00 per week – 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM.
  • There is currently no part time enrollment.
  • The fees are on a per child basis and there is no sibling discount due to our small size.
  • Fees include all tutors and general materials, like pencils, paper, and erasers, and general school supplies, and up to two snacks a day.
  • Fees DO NOT include textbooks, music lessons, or field trip fees.
  • Every other Friday we plan field trips or community service activities. We are closed on the ‘other’ Friday…that Friday correlates with the CWS primary Friday ‘off’ on base. The schedule and session breaks van be found on the ‘Schedule’ page – link above.
  • I do not publish lesson plans as they vary from child to child, but each family will have the opportunity to work with me in order to create a plan that works best for their child(ren).

Field Trip Fees

Many activities require a fee for admission. That fee is not covered by your Three Rivers membership fee. Anyone (even non-members) can join us for field trips and just pay the admission fee for the location/event. I will post the field trip destination, the cost of the fee, and appropriate age range for the trip, on the ‘events’ page in Facebook. I will endeavor to get a group rate so your commitment to going on the trip and willingness to transport other children should be stated as far in advance as possible. Please communicate this on the event itself and share conversations there. Parents must drive their own children to each field trip or agree ahead of time on sharing a ride with other families. Three Rivers is not liable for any accidents that occur on the field trip and especially in other cars not owned by Erica Daley.